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Happy Holidays!

Posted in Holidays on 24 December 2006 by jason

Global Orgasm Day
and whatever holidays you may observe!

Also, after the holidays, I hope to update this site a little more. Hopefully, I’ll have an audience. Everyone who reads this, please drop me a comment, just so that my fragile ego knows that I’m not just writing to the Cosmos.

Local Color update

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I posted a story on Local Color.


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This Weekend, I finished:

Blackadder(see below post)

The Executioner: War against the Mafia by Don Pendleton, which pretty much sucked. I read it to compare it to The Punisher.

Green Lantern: Rebirth, which did a good job of bringing Hal Jordan back to where he is a usable character again.

Freaks of the Heartland by Steve Niles and Greg Ruth. Really good, but I felt like something was missing. I don’t know. I wouldn’t have wanted any more explaination, so I don’t know what was missing.

Besides finishing these, I also started The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Busy busy busy.

EDIT: Oh, yeah! And I watched the 1st episode of Dexter. It’s great, so far. Funny in the same way that American Psycho was funny.

Um…can’t think of a religious sounding title for this post…

Posted in Television on 16 December 2006 by jason

Today, I watched Blackadder: Back and Forth, so now I’ve seen the entire series. I highly recommend the whole thing, except fot the above movie. It might have been funny on its own, but it was a real let down, esprecially when the last thing I watched was the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth.

Those brits sure know how to make a TV series. Doctor Who, The Office, Red Dwarf, Monty Python, and of course, Faulty Towers: all great shows. I think, especially with the sit coms mentioned, the reason British TV works so well is because of the short seasons.

In the states, our shows go on for 24 episodes a season, and tend to go on much longer than they ever should. Faulty Towers is considered one of the greatest sit-coms ever made, the greatest English-language farce according to Richard Curtis, co-writer of Blackadder, and it only lasted 12 episodes. The Office? Another 12 episodes. Blackadder? Exactly 24 episodes, or one American television season. These shows quit while they were ahead. Red Dwarf? It lasted 52 episodes, and many would say that it peaked back in season 5, after 30 episodes.

My point? We should focus on quality instead of quantity.

Behold, the last day is here!

Posted in Uncategorized on 15 December 2006 by jason

Well, today is the last day of the semester at the Writing Center, and for the first time, I am not saddened over it. I usually am; every semester has ended with uncertainty over whether I would be back, whether I would see my friends again, etc. My position is secure (next semester, at least), and the only friends that may not be back are people that I can see outside of here, so life is good!

The First Papal Bull$h17

Posted in Local Color, Writing on 14 December 2006 by jason

Ok, all…here is my blog. I’m going to be working on another site (, so I thought I would start this one as a personal diary, a place to record how much writing I got done today, and, you know…a place to geneally whine and complain. That’s what the internet is for, right!?!