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The Dream-Prophecy of Pope jaynova

Posted in Dreams, Television on 29 January 2007 by jason


Last night, I dreamt that my mother and I were dressed all gothy-victorian, walking down a street of the same asthetic. It was DARK…almost pitch black, save for the gaslight. Anyway, these huge buzzard-looking birds flew in the sky above us, and I knew that they wanted to kill us. I ran into a house, when suddenly…

I was alone, but the athetic had changed to a modern-day Canton, Ohio setting, as had my clothes. I knew that the birds were still out there, and that cosmic evil threatened the wolrd, so I ran out the door and down the street to the greatest magician/con artist in the land…

The Magus Jesse Katsopolis, of television’s “Full House.”

Together, we drew circles and banished the evil from the land.