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My first political post!

Posted in Kucinich, Money, News, Politics, Television on 31 August 2007 by jason

Nothing to say, really, except “Vote for Kucinich!”


The Path to Here

Posted in Poetry, Writing on 29 August 2007 by jason

First, nothing. Then a blast of gas and rock.
They say this was the beginning of it all.

The first thing I remember was hitting my head: age two.
The last thing was writing this line.

Time moves quickly when I want it to slow,
but it stops in all the right places.

The path to here was easy to follow.
But still, the journey was long.

In the mirror, I am as I was years past.
It seems I have a long way to go.

Why is Japan doing this to me???

Posted in Conspiracies, Movies, Television on 29 August 2007 by jason

Apparently, next week, the 1st of 4 Evangelion movies comes out in Japan. They take place after episode 6, and rewrite the series from there. Just when I though I was out…!

Here are the trailers for the 1st movie.

Quicky, Spoiler-Free Review: Bait and Switch

Posted in Books and Literature on 29 August 2007 by jason

Bait and Switch: The (Futile) pursuit of the American Dream, by Barbara Ehrenreich, would be hilarious if it weren’t so goddamn depressing. In the book, Ehrenreich goes “under cover” as a would-be executive to reveal the hoops one must go through in order to get and maintain a white-collar job. The real story, though, isn’t what she goes through; she has no real stake in the job search. The real story comes from the other job seekers-people who are more-than-qualified to work as PR people, managers, and accountants but get stuck at Wall-Mart or selling Mary Kay cosmetics.

As a college graduate with no health insurance, I can relate. Even with a job in my field, I’m struggling just to pay most of my bills. Actually, I’ve already blogged about all that last month.

I reccomend this book to any college graduate looking for work.


Posted in Music, otter on 29 August 2007 by jason

I’m at work. We are no longer allowed to bring headphones to listen to music when there are no students (which is a rule I tottally agree with, actually), but I suddenly have a craving, that’s right, a craving, to listen to Belle and Sebastian’s The Life Pursuit. It’s not my favorite B & S album by far…that would be either If You’re Feeling Sinister (which the otter bought me as a gift a while ago) or the 1st disc of Push Barman to Open Old Wounds, which collected the Dog on Wheels, Lazy Line Painter Jane, and 3…6…9…Seconds of Light ep’s. I have “To Be Myeslf Completely” and “The Blues are Still Blue” stuck in my head right now.

Quicky, Spoiler-Free Review: Crooked Little Vein

Posted in Books and Literature on 28 August 2007 by jason

Warren Ellis’ Crooked Little Vein is offensive, irreverent, and at times disgusting. And those are it’s good points! If you’ve been reading his blog at, or if you get his “Bad Signal” e-mails, you know exactly what to expect from him. In fact, a lot of the book reads much like his blog (He even lifts things like the idea that Americans should give each other blankets for Thanksgiving).

The book is entertaining, if not far-fetched. It’s an Alice in Wonderland adventure through America, full of conspiracy theories, people who are debatably sexual deviants, and people who are sexual deviants without the need for debate.

It’s a quick read (I have ADD, and I read it it 2 sittings), so if you can find it at your library (or have time to sit at Borders), go ahead and read it.

Back to Work!

Posted in beer, Comics, Food, Money, Music on 28 August 2007 by jason

Home again, home again. The new semester has started at the local tech school, so I’m back to criminally-close-to-full-time hours. It feels good. Having the last 2 weeks off has made me feel kind of useless, and my hours over the summer weren’t that great, either. Now that I’m back, I can afford to eat, drink beer, read comics, buy music, and most importantly, read comics. Of course, I still have to wait two weeks for my next paycheck, so I’m not out of the woods yet.