Full Disclosure

Well, its a new week, so I thought I would utilize this fresh start…to further dwell on my weekend.

To maintain the scales of karma, decency, and anything else I may have tipped this weekend, I thought I would mention the good things that happend on friday-sunday.

1) I got that letter published in the newspaper.
2)I weighed myself when I worked out…I’m down to 149 lbs. 145 is my goal, but I had trouble breaking 150, and I hovered around 155 for the longest time.
3) I had a romantic evening with the otter on my balcony. We read, listened to music, and drank wine until 2 AM.

Also, I should point out that I don’t actually know what the letter from the court is…I am assuming that it is some kind of litigation. I dunno. Maybe somebody died and left me a lot of money. It could happen!


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