Et Tu, Brute

I came into this world to do great deeds,
to put Alexander to shame.
I saw the Roman Empire reach
to the corners of the world.
I conquered the Gauls and their gods with my sword,
the Egyptians and their Queen with my deeds,
and the Romans and their senators with my words.

Now, as I prepare to address the senate,
a silence hangs, heavy as marble.
I rise, the weight of destiny and dismissed advice
tugging at my robes.
I turn to face my friends, my countrymen,
but see only traitors.
And the millions of corpses,
the lengths of the Empire,
the words of my orations
are reduced to just four syllables.


5 Responses to “Et Tu, Brute”

  1. This was another one from creative writing class years ago. The theme was “A historical event or person.”

  2. Matthew C. Mackey Says:

    Jason, why don’t you write more? You have fun with your work. It comes across in you poems.

  3. Eh. Laziness, really. That, and I’ve never really been a big fan of poetry. I couldn’t tell you why one poem is better than another (though I’ve been reading Leonard Cohen’s Power of Slaves, and it has some good peices, I think). I will say that what you are seeing in my poems is probably the same thing I do in my stories, whatever that may be. ;P

  4. i like it

    …four syllables or three? *flunked languages*

  5. Actually, Brute should have a little accent above the “e”, making it (Broo-Tay).

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