What I Listened to This Week…

Leonard Cohen The Best of Leonard Cohen. There’s some great stuff on this, including “So Long, Marrianne”, “Suzanne”, “Chelsea Hotel No. 2”, and “Famous Blue Raincoat”. Obviously, this is a collection of songs as opposed to an album (and I usually hate “Best of”s), but it’s a collection of songs worthy of a collection.

M. Ward Post-War. Nice folksey album with a little more country influence than I usually like, but he makes it work. These songs could all easliy by small, intimate ones, but Ward has a way of making them seem more grand (is that a timpani drum on the 1st track???). I’ve only given this 1 close listen, but I’ll be listening to it again soon.

The Hold Steady Separation Sunday. I only listened to this once. There’s something about Craig Finn’s voice that I don’t like. I dunno. I’ll give it another try, but so far, I’m not impressed. (I hear that it is a concept album, though, so on a close listening I may like it more).

Kasabian Empire. Eh. Bland neo-britpop. Nothing really stands out on this one. It’s not offensive to my ears or anything; I’d play it in the background while I was doing something else, but it’s nothing great.

Arcade Fire Neon Bible. This is probably the best album I listened to this week. AF take us through a depressed, seemingingly apocalyptic-at-times journey. “Black Mirror”, “Intervention”, “Black Wave/Bad Virbations”, and “Windowsill” are excellent, “Keep the Car Running” is not-so-great, and “My Body is a Cage” is a religious experience if played at the right volume.

On a related note, here are Arcade Fire playing the title track on an elevator. Check out the creative percussion.


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