The Path to Here

First, nothing. Then a blast of gas and rock.
They say this was the beginning of it all.

The first thing I remember was hitting my head: age two.
The last thing was writing this line.

Time moves quickly when I want it to slow,
but it stops in all the right places.

The path to here was easy to follow.
But still, the journey was long.

In the mirror, I am as I was years past.
It seems I have a long way to go.


2 Responses to “The Path to Here”

  1. Another one from the Creative Writing class, probably back in 1998 or so. I once, in my naivete, submitted this to poetry dot com (I write the word “dot” avoid advertising for them), and they changed the format. Apparently, they’ve never heard of a ghazal.

  2. woah… that’s so weird.

    I wrote a gas poem today, too.

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