Earnest Goes to My Head

It seems that he’s on every channel:
Earnest Angley at all hours.
Whether I like it or not
(which I don’t) he’s there,
wishing me a “happy, happy Jesus
(whatever the hell that means).

I remeber clearly: I’m watching that cartoon
with the annoying Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
and Earnest comes on, smiling and rubbing his hands
just like the aforementioned wolf
and I can’t take it. I cghange the station.
The news. Except that the anchorman wants me to have
a happy, happy Jesus. Next channel:
Talk show. Earnest’s voice from Jerry’s mouth.
Change. No matter where I go, Earnest follows.
I wake up.

Was this an Epiphany? Gods, I hope not.
I don’t have the time ot the energy for
another one of those. I look up.
Earnest and his choir are on the TV.
So it wasn’t a sign, it was all in my head.

Two days later, I buy a Talking Heads CD.
In the liner notes, it says,
“David hits himself on the head (like Earnest Angley).”


5 Responses to “Earnest Goes to My Head”

  1. Another old one, from around 2000 or so. Same creative writing class, I think.

  2. I donno who Earnest Angley is either, though.

    Nobody’s passing cultural references are ringing a bell today. I think I’ve been asleep for a decade.

  3. Jesus can heal AIDS/HIV. When Jesus was on the earth He had healed people from all kind of diseases. Now He gaveth His power to His servants to heal people from diseases. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the medicine to receive healing. At certain places Jesus coudn’t do miracles due to hardness/ unbelief of the people. God gave free will to the people. Ask it will be given. If you want to see HIV candidates healing just tell them that Jesus can heal them. and send me their names and address. I will pray for them to receive healing. whoever accuses somebody are provked by the devil. A good man never accuse others but corrects by guiding, forgiving, and by loving. A person with doubt never receive healing. Healing associated with trust/faith in the son of God.

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