Chinese Conspiracy II

In this post, I mentioned that I thought the whole “everything from China is bad for us” snafu was part of a conspiracy to make Americans more suspicious of China, so that when they are our enemies in the new cold war, we accept them as enemies. I found more evidence.

On Lou Dobbs’ show on CNN, on Tuesday, September 4, 2007, he discussed the new allegations that China hacked into the Pentagon’s databases. In fact, I’m looking at the transcript, and he introduces the show by saying, “Meanwhile, the Pentagon is investigating reports that communist China hacked into the Defense Department’s computer system.” Note that he’s careful to remind us that the Chinese are communists, subtley coloring the tone of the entire show.

I say “entire show” because it’s not the only time he brings up China. When he gets to this story, he again reminds us of the politics of China when he says, “North Korea’s closest ally, communist China, is suspected of launching a major cyber-attack against the Pentagon earlier this summer.” Of course, if China did this, this is a hostile action. I’m not saying that China is innocent, I’m just pointing out the subliminal editorialising that is found not on Fox News, where one would expect it, but on CNN. I do think it is interesting that, during the story, Kurt Campbell, from the Center for a New American Security, said, “This is not an organization that, you know, you would be able to go into a building and find their offices and walk in and meet with them and talk with them.” In other words, like our war on terror, the enemy here is invisible, which means that everyone in the country is a potential enemy.

Later, Dobbs received the “breaking news” that, “Mattel is set to recall seven hundred thousand more toys tomorrow, all of them made in communist China, because they may contain excessive amounts of lead paint.” Again, not China, but communist China.
Again, maybe the problem is that bad; I have a friend who is originally from China, and she says that when she would visit her place of birth, her family has always warned her against buying Chinese products. My problem is the subtle commentary on the show.

The final piece of propaganda on this subject was during a story about the U.S. renting russian Antonov 124 transport planes to carry MRAP personel carriers to the middle east. At the end of the story, senior correspondant Jamie McIntyre reminds us that, “the U.S. contracted for a similar plane to bring the Navy EP-3 spy plane back from China back in 2001 when it needed to put all of the pieces of the plane on a single aircraft.” In other words, in a story that has nothing to do with China, they managed to remind us of an incident in 2001 that we had with China.

All in all, I smell propaganda.

Read the transcript yourself HERE.


3 Responses to “Chinese Conspiracy II”

  1. Good job. I concur. China is in a position to devastate the US economy, should it wish to. Start the patriotic saber-rattling now.

  2. hmm… Good point. It’s just sad that in today’s increased wachdogging of the media, it’s just gotten that much worse.

  3. Wait a minute, that was news? I thought I was watching a black comedy filmed in drama/doc style by Uwe Boll and his magical muffin men.

    I haven’t been getting much sleep lately.

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