This Kucinich Thing I Have.

Those of you who know me pre-blog may notice that on here, I’m much more political that I have been in recent years. Let me explain:

A few weeks ago, I was watching The Best of The Awful Truth, the Michael Moore show that was on Bravo, with the otter. There were stories about how corporate interests were stopping people who pay for health care from getting it, of how vote-counters would rather break the law and refuse to count write in votes for a ficus tree than admit that the other candidate had been humiliated, and many other examples of how “the power” had been stolen from the people.

During this viewing, as usually happens when I watch stuff like this, I had a panic attack of sorts. I started shouting and breathing heavily as the bleakness of our country’s future washed over me.

The next day, I decided to do something about it. I went on-line to see how the candidates were going to fix things. Many of the Democratic candidates had voting records that were basically consistant with the world in which I wanted to live. Some of them were a little “flip-floppy”, but were better than who we have now. Only one, however, was taking an active role in these issues: Dennis Kucinich.

The Conyers/Kucinich Plan for Healthcare(H.R. 676) would solve the healthcare problem and save the 47 million uninsured Americans.

H.R. 1234 would bring our troops back from Iraq.

Kucinich is moving to have Dick Chaney impeached.

Kucinich has a plan to save our educational system, to restore our civil liberties, and protect jobs.

Not only that, but Kucinich has a history of being “not-for-sale.”

(My emphasis, in case you’re just skimming.)

So this is what I’m doing to make a difference. I’m urging you all…don’t just rely on the debates and trust the lip-service that the candidates give to the issues. Don’t believe the news media that ignores certain candiates in favor of candidates who are photogenic. Hell, don’t take my word for it. What do I know? I’m have my degree in English, not Poli-Sci. Instead, look at what the candidates are doing RIGHT NOW to fix these problems. When you do, I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion as I have.

Spread the word; it’s the only way anyone will hear it.


4 Responses to “This Kucinich Thing I Have.”

  1. yeah…

    I like that you’re passionate about this issue. You’re right that nothing on the democratic ticket could be worse than what’s in office now.

    Not so for the republican side, though. They’re choices includes ‘something worse’ and ‘more of the same’.

    I actually like McCain, he’s probably the only republican I’ve even somewhat considered voting for in that last ten years. I think he’s decent, but also misdirected at present.

    Good luck getting the word out. As you know.. Kucinich is one hell of a long shot.

  2. yeah, me and my whole family are kucinich supporters from back in ’04. i always dug the way that fucker held on like a pit bull even after he had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. just so he could keep a dialogue open with the public, to put off the “forgotten contender” mantle.
    i think my support for him also came from early in the ’04 campaign, when, after a democratic debate mediated by sam donaldson, where kucinich came out totally self assured and more than a little righteous… but not dramatically, not arrogantly. after the debate, one of the commentators, some bored old fart more interested in his shirt than politics, said that kucinich sounded like “the last angry man in america.” and i said, “BULLSHIT! i’m angry! my whole family’s angry! everyone i know is angry! so why not him??” but that was when the idea was to skewer a democratic candidate by convincing everyone that it is NOT COOL to get upset. don’t yell. don’t get worked up. which was all bollocks. GET MAD. GET WORKED UP. would Network be as impressive if the guy yelling “I’M MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE” had advised everyone to mutter to themselves “meh, it’s not so good.” kind of a weird example, but that’s the idea.
    lastly, that donaldson debate was where donaldson handed howard dean his ass during some questions over gay marriage. dean was saying it should be the state, but not in church, they should have civil unions and donaldson said, “but why not marriage? what’s wrong with the word MARRIAGE?” and dean just kinda went “uuuuhhhhhhh……..” i was amazed. i said, we can’t have this guy. he can’t even answer sam fuckin’ donaldson, and we’re gonna put him in the pit with the republicans and see how he fairs? even clinton had a rough time, and that guy was a political gladiator…

  3. Hey Chris…did you see the debate on Logo? The Daily Show replayed it, and about his support on gay marriage, Kucinich said something like, “It’s really a question of whether you really believe in equality.”

    Here’s a link:

  4. As a fellow Kucinich supporter, I thank you for your efforts to get the word out on Dennis.

    Kucinich 08!!!


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