What I’ve Been Listening To

Ok…I was trying to do this once a week, but work prevents me from listening to music all day now, as they actually expect me to do something there. So, in the last 2 weeks, I’ve been listening to…

Leonard Cohen-More of the Best of Leonard Cohen. I know, I know; I told you all that I try to avoid “best of”s. I’m poor, though! I can only listen to what the library has! Anyway, this collection is almost as good as the previous collection. It spand Cohen’s later career, including the dark turn he made with the album The Future. “The Future”, “I’m Your Man”, “Take This Waltz”, and “Everybody Knows” are all awesome tracks.

Feist-The Reminder.I wish I had more time to give this one a closer listen. What can I say that hasn’t already said? Lets see…everyone says that she has a gifted voice, great songcraft, nice blend of Jazz, Blues, Folk, and Pop…um…I could say that the cover art is nice! Yes, that’s it! Here we go…On her newest album, Feist has colorful lines coming out of her freaking neck!

No? Not Good? Well, that’s all you get! Seriously, though, this was a good album that will probably grow on me after a few more listens.

Paul McCartney-Memory Almost Full. I went into this one expecting to hate it. The song “Vintage Clothes” reminds us of why McCartney is viewed as increasingly insignificant. However, it’s the only track I didn’t like. “Dance Tonight” is brilliant, “Only Mama Knows” is surprisingly dark and almost lyrically Lennonesque, and “Ever Present Past” and “See Your Sunshine” bring us back to the Band on the Run era McCartney. It seems that the adage that heartbreak and sorrow breed creativity is true, in this case.

Various-Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon The Soundtrack. Honestly, I’m not into most of this music. it all sound the same to me. If you like metal, especially stuff like 9 lb. Hammer and Unearth, you’ll like it. The Highlights are the Theme Song, “Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife” by Mastodon, “I Want Candy” by MC Chris, and Master Shake singing “Nude Love.” Honorable mention goes to Andrew W.K. for parodying himself in “Party Party Party.” The otter loves “I Like Your Booty (But I’m Not Gay)” by the Insane-O-Flex.

To wrap up, let’s go back to Paul McCartney. Here’s the video for “Dance Tonight” directed by one of my favorite directors (Michel Gondry) and featuring Natalie Portman and McKenzie Cook (Gareth for the Office UK):


3 Responses to “What I’ve Been Listening To”

  1. I’ve listened to a few Feist tunes. They’re interesting songs, but somehow always left me with a sort of psychological dissonance.

    Half way through the few I’d downloaded I always felt a strong, mental directive to turn it offfff.

    Likin’ Belle and Sebastian bunches, though.

  2. i keep listenin to neil young, i hafta turn up the sound. somebody’s always yelling to turn it down.

    $1 if you get that.

    seriously, michel gondry is amazing. that short film he did of skeletons on the moon made me cry when i first watched it. as for mccartney… where angels fear, jaynova. and they’re braver than me, so what’s that say about you?

  3. Chris…

    I assume you have the Directors Series DVD, then? The documentary (“I’ve been 15 forever”, I think it’s called)is brilliant, especially when he starts talking about farts and dreaming about being swept away in a flood of diarrhea.

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