Something I Put Together

A while ago (last year, in fact!), I put something together for the otter. See, we (actually, I…we haven’t really taken the step of having communal property, yet) bought the 3 Belle and Sebastian EPs from the Dear Catastrpophe Waitress album. The bad thing about about the EPs is that they are EPs. Their brevity makes them inconvenient to take along on trips…one has to carry 3 CDs for the length of 1 full-length CD.

That’s where the I-Tunes program comes in. I just burned them onto one CD, which I called In This Land of Grammar Schools and Gala Days. “So what?” you may ask. Everyone knows how to burn a CD. “Well,” I answer, “I also made jacket art for it on Photoshop.”

Grammar Schools

Grammar Schools back

The model on the cover is the otter herself. The back cover is the door to the writing center where I work.

Um…artwork copyright 2006 J. Robert Novak. Because I’m such a big shot.

The art is more impressive if you’ve seen any Belle and Sebastian albums, especially If You’re Feeling Sinister.

2 Responses to “Something I Put Together”

  1. This was the nicest gift I ever received, I must say….besides the Playmobile Advent calendar you got me for Christmas! πŸ™‚

  2. I have to make myself a copy!


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