Famous People from My Hometown

According to Wikipedia.org, these people are from Canton, Ohio:

Marilyn Manson (AKA Brian Warner)
Macy Gray (AKA Natalie Renee McIntyre)
Brannon Braga (TV writer)
Mother Angelica (from EWTN)
Dan Dierdorf (Football Player)
Thurman Munson (dead baseball player with mantastic moustach)
The O’Jays (soul band)
Jack Paar (early host of the Tonight Show)
Alan Page (Football player)
Relient K (Shitty band [sorry, Matt!])
Boz Scaggs (musician)
Jeff Timmons (From the “band” 98 degrees)

There are others, of course, but these are the ones I knew about.

So…who’s from your hometown?


8 Responses to “Famous People from My Hometown”

  1. You totally forgot Matthew C. Mackey (poet and outlaw, Wizard Extraordinaire, lover, gunslinger, and pastry chef.)

    thanks Jason, I leave for Texas not two months ago and you forget about my powers of cool? Real “cool” on your part bro.
    p.s. sorry I missed you over the weekend. I tried texting you, but i gues your phone was dumb.

  2. You’re not technically FROM Canton, though, are you?

    Yeah, my phone is “broken.” You know, the kind of broken when you have no money to pay the bill.

  3. *mumbles* just Ramblin’ Rod…

    Oh, and a couple of serial killers. I guess my point of origin counts as ‘humble beginnings’… even if you take the back seat of the chevy out of the equation.

  4. Give Braga a kick in the nuts for ruining Star Trek if he ever comes back home ok?

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