Not Much….You?

Today, the otter I went to see Michael Feldman’s Whatd’ya Know? from the Palace Theater in my hometown of Canton, Ohio. It was great…the show is great on the radio, but seeing it was a completely different experience. Feldman does things like screwing with the Announcer’s mic while he’s trying to read that you don’t get if you are only listening to the show.

If you did listen to it today, you know that he didn’t pick me for any of the audience questions (before the show, everyone writes a question he or she wants answered; my question was “why does the Pro Football Hall of Fame look like a giant orange juice squeezer?”), but that’s Ok…I got his autograph after the show (on the bobblehead that comes with the “Whatdy’a Know?” trivia game).

Oh, anyone who was listening that is not from Canton should know that there is more than just football (I hate the sport myself!). We obviously have a symphony orchestra, an art museum, and several colleges (Stark State, Kent State-Stark Campus, Walsh, and Malone).

But I digress. The show was great, and if Feldman comes to your town, go see him!


6 Responses to “Not Much….You?”

  1. and don’t forget, Canton also has PRESIDENT WILLIAM FLIPPIN’ McKINLEY in a giant stone dome monument!! does YOUR town have a William McKinley?? Naw, baby, there’s only one!
    you know, that felt good.

  2. Rochelle Haas Says:


    I was googling and found your blog. I was also at the Michael Feldman show yesterday (and am a native Cantonian) and I agree – it was great! And I loved your question…I too, have wondered for years why the HOF museum resembles a giant orange juice squeezer. I thought I was the only person who wondered such things. Ah, kismet, synchronicity, karmic serendipity…

    It was interesting that both the Palace and the Akron Civic (both designed by John Eberson) had such cool stuff going on in the same day. Wanted to go to the Civic last night but had prior commitments in Pittsburgh.

    Ah, well…shine on, in your rusted splendor, northeastern Ohio

  3. Rochelle Haas Says:


    I live in Canton and also went to the Palace yesterday to see Michael Feldman. It was great. Also have always thought that the Football HOF looks like a giant oj squeezer. Whenever I hear the Stones song “Monkey Man” and he sings that “I could use a lemon squeezer” I think of it. Seriously, I’ve made this comment often over the years. And now I found a karmic convergence. And I also have a BA in English from KSU. And am a liberal.

    nice to have found you while googling

  4. Hey, I’m so impressed you went to see the show! I didn’t get to hear much of it, except to gather that it was in Canton… If I’d have known/remembered (I’m not sure if I knew and forgot or what), I might have tried to come too. Bummer! It would’ve been fun had he picked on you…=)

  5. Rochelle Haas Says:

    Didn’t mean to leave two comments essentially saying the same thing, but when I went to send the first one, it looked like it didn’t get sent, so inadvertently ended up writing another. Canton’s had some interesting events lately. Last night Harvey Pekar was at Walsh College, tonight Amy Sedaris is at the Akron Library and next Monday Tim Robbins at KSU Stark, FYI.

  6. […] if you get a chance don’t miss Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know?. (I know that Jaynova got to see him live with The Otter and I’m so jealous. It’s usually broadcast in […]

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