Where’s Kucinich? IV

I’m sick, and I don’t feel well enough to go on about this, but here’s a story about Kucinich being left out of two Iowa events for the Democratic party.

At the time I am posting this, there are 3 comments to that story. They say pretty much what I could say anyway (except for the ‘he’s a vegan’ comment, but that was pretty funny).

Back to bed now.


2 Responses to “Where’s Kucinich? IV”

  1. What? He’s a vegan? This changes everything… EVERYTHING.

    …there’s a video of an interview with Kucinich in hawaii. So that’s where Kucinich might be..


    On the republican side, I guess Ron Paul was getting ignored much like Kucinich, but now he’s getting attention as an object of derision. I wonder which would be better.

  2. I’ve seen a few sites that call Ron Paul “The Republican Kucinich.” I don’t know. He’s a former libertarian, and I just can’t believe that anyone could think that deregulating commerse would lead to a just economic system. Just look at the way corporations behave when there are regulations.

    As far as Kucinich in Hawaii, yeah, he did go there to campaign. It’s surprising how few candidates go there. I’m sure he only went there to campaign, though. ;P

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