The Health Care Crisis

John McCain vows to prevent the “government takeover” of healthcare. Which is, you know, a good thing. You wouldn’t want to take the reins of medicine from where it really belongs: corporations who care nothing about heath and everything about maximizing profits.

His words were in response to Hillary Clinton’s plan to make health insurance manditory. Of course, the corporations still would run health care, so any of the rules she would have them follow would be quickly circumvented by politicians in the pockets of the lobyists.

Honestly, the only healthcare plan I’ve seen that makes sense is the Conyers/Kucinich Bill (H.R. 676). It takes the corporate interests out of the equation almost completely. I know I constantly sound like a commercial for Kucinich, but I feel strongly about this. Amuse me.


2 Responses to “The Health Care Crisis”

  1. But will John McCain protect me? Will he take government out of the hands of our evil reptilian alien overlords?

  2. You sound like Christian. Only with a Welsh accent.

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