What Super Power Would You Want?

Hey all,

Since I posted the Iron Man stuff below, I thought I would tell you what super power I would like to have. However, an idea sprouted from the mental landscape that I had thought barren: everyone should discuss this topic! Here’s what I want to do: On Saturday, by let’s say 4PM EST, I want everyone who wants to patricipate to write a post about the super power they wish to have, and why. Then, I will link to those posts on my blog, and everyone else whould do the same (use my blog list to see who has participated). There’s a name for this kind of tomfoolery, but I’m not inturwebs savvy enough to remember it.

For extra credit, you could also tell your origin story!

Anyway, all interested parties should comment below to tell me that you are interested. Then, post this topic on your blog, to get others to do it.

(You’re not experiencing deja vu…I reposted this.)

14 Responses to “What Super Power Would You Want?”

  1. I think they’re popularly called ‘memes’, and I’m game.

  2. I’m runnin a little late

  3. That’s ok…so am I! Plus, I think we’re the only ones doing it. 😦

  4. re: your suggestion- sure, I’ll ask my blogroll. It’s a great idea. I notice if I tag people specifically, there’s a greater chance they’ll join in. Next Saturday good with you?

  5. Cool, I think. Sometimes, I don’t get to the internet until Saturday (I don’t have it at my apartment), but I should be at a freind’s house next week, an he has inturwebs. I’ll repost the meme topic on my blog.

  6. […] Time: Superpowers This meme was posted a couple of days ago. I’m extending the deadline until next Saturday around 4PM EST. If you want to participate, […]

  7. If you edit the time stamp on the post, it will post automatically… i think.

  8. […] So Jaynova had this idea; kind of a design-your-own-super-hero-self. If you were a super-hero, what would your super power be? I wanna know. (He wants to know, and I am wanting to know on his behalf.) Figure out an origin story, throw in something shocking about your sordid past, and you can even have extra credit if you post a picture of what your super-hero-self would look like. […]

  9. Dear dark lords, beseech thee! Give thee time for thy subject to partake in this most glorious scheme of the one they calleth Nova!

    …accounting for the time difference of course, I forget what 4pm is in the dark time where I habituate.

  10. […] post was designed to fulfill jaynova’s meme, which was masterminded here) Explore posts in the same categories: Body, alien, breasts, crazy, freak, humor, pictures, […]

  11. It took me forever to think of one. I did though!

  12. Karyanlwin Says:

    Where I Can Get The Teleportation Power?

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