Feeling Better

Ahhhh. I think I might be completely over whatever it was I had; I just needed the weekend to rest. It was a good weekend…I wasted a lot of time watching Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Animated Series (Not the new series…I can’t get behind that one.), I played some MVP Baseball 2004 on the Xbox, and I started running a game of Serenity: The Role Playing Game. Good stuff. This morning, I even got up early to watch the otter run in a race, then went to her church (which was nice, despite the fact that I’m not Catholic).

This (recovering from the flu, believe it or not) seems like a good place to reevaluate things. Re-evaluate. Re evaluate. Whatever. I took a week off of life, and now it’s time to jump back in. I haven’t written much lately, I’ve let my apartment turn to squalor, and I’ve ignored my spirituality. In the next few months, I’ll try to fix this. I’ll set deadlines for my writing (and write more on the blog, I hope), I’ll slowly clean my pad, and I’ll start at least observing my holidays, one of which just passed (what? “What religion is he?” they asked as he smiled, knowingly).

So, here’s to the future (or until I get bored again).


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