Karaoke and the Smoking Ban

So…tonight is karaoke night at Jose’s Landing, a bar that the otter go to when we can afford a night out. Karaoke night is good there because of its mix of pop, rock, r&b, and (ugh) country music. It is not uncommon to hear “Tear You Apart” in the style of She Wants Revenge, followed by “Sunday Girl”, the Blondie sone as sung by the otter. Follow that with someone singing that damn “Save a Horse” song, then finish with me singing either “Last Night” by the Strokes or “All These Things I’ve Done” by the Killers. Good times.

One thing, which I hear about in the classes I tutor, that really bugs me is that the smoking ban has caused businesses to lose patronage. This pisses me off to no end.

See, the logic of the argument is that the non-smokers were meddling, and they stopped the smokers from smoking inside the bars. Because of this, bars lose business; ergo, the non-smokers are destroying businesses with their greedy desire for fresh air.

Let me propose something which is A) a different way of looking at this and B) absolutely fucking correct: the smokers are destroying business.

How can I say this? Well, I’m at the bar; I’m spending my money. I don’t smoke. The smokers aren’t coming out because that cigarette (or 2, or 5) is more important than a night out, a beer with friends, and the entire economy.

Of course, there are some smokers who do come out, and they go out to the smoking patio to smoke. I’m cool with them. they get to smoke, I get to breath, we all have fun.

The whiners can please shut up. We voted, you lost. Next!


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