Kucinich Mash-up Debate

Here is the transcript of the Huffington Post mash up debate with Dennis Kucinich. I liked his answer to Bill Maher’s question “How can you expect even liberals such as myself to support you when you don’t even want [Osama bin Laden’s assasination]”:

Former President Gerald Ford understood there are dangers when you use assassination as a tool. Assassination is really what’s called an extrajudicial killing[…]I want equal justice. I want Osama Bin Laden brought to justice. Now, if he resists in an attempt to arrest him, you know, whatever happens happens.But I think that we as a country need to reinstate this Constitution. This is the basis of our strength, and so I’m going to proceed to—for the whole world to understand the full power of the U.S. Constitution and what our system of justice is really about.

So there, detractors. Kucinich is not aligned with bin Laden. He does not “hate America.” He is not even a pacifist. He is simply a man who knows that there are rules, even to war, and to break those rules is to become what you are trying to destroy.

Read the transcripts of the other Democratic candidates HERE.


2 Responses to “Kucinich Mash-up Debate”

  1. It’s a good quote, but your summation might even be better.

    Can Kucinich lead is my question. He’s become good at being the voice of dissent, the other opinion.

    He did the right thing in Cleveland, but it screwed a whole lot of people. I don’t know if moral absolutes necessarily equal leadership.

  2. I thnk it goes back to the idea that you can’t please everybody. You can, however, do what’s right for the most people. What I like about Kucinich is that he beleives in sitting down with your “enemies” and trying to come to some sort of non-violent resolution. If the time came to “drop the bomb” as it were, he would do that, but only when it is absolutely neccessary.

    I also like the fact that he is the only Democratic candidate that is not funded by things like the insurance and drug lobbies, the oil industry, and all that.

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