What Super Power Would You Want: Teleportation

A couple of days ago, I asked what superpower you each want, if one were to be bestowed upon you. Aparently, no one wants superpowers. 🙂

If I could have one power, if wouldn’t be flight; I’m afraid of heights. It wouldn’t be invulnerability, for this power would be wasted on me; I avoid situations that might kill me, and I doubt this behavior would change. Super Strength be cool, but then everyone would want me to help them move furniture.

Some powers would be a BAD IDEA ™ for me to have. X-ray vision? I would never get anything done; I would just watch all the girls walk by, literally undressing them with my eyes. Invisibility? All I would do is go places I shouldn’t be.

Therefore, the best power for me would be teleportation. I would get about an hour more of sleep every day because I could leave for work seconds before my shift starts. (I tend to get places up to 1/2 hour early to make sure that I don’t get stuck in any traffic; my job is only 10-15 minutes away. I know that that math doesn’t add up, but who cares?). If I forget my lunch at home, I would just say, “I’m going home for a second,” and it would actually be a second.

Not just that, but I could travel the world, visiting all my international friends, and still be home in time for bed!

(I will repost this when I collect the addresses of the other participants)

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19 Responses to “What Super Power Would You Want: Teleportation”

  1. It looks like we were thinking along the same lines!

  2. I second teleportation, although in a real world scenario, this would almost certainly result in a horrific finale as I drunkenly teleport myself into a wall after one too many glasses of wine.

    Mind control runs a close second, but the temptation to Use My Powers for Evil (TM) would be too great.

  3. Time travel. Does that count as a super power?

    I’d like to be able to go both back in time and forward.

  4. Often, I have had a wish for a limited version of teleportation. I have wanted to be able to teleport to the bus stop.

  5. Teleportation would be cool, but ultimately I went for something just a little different…


  6. I want to be the T-1000 from Terminator 2. That fool was pretty much unstoppable.

  7. Danton Says:

    I can teleport!

  8. If i could teleport, i’d be the super secret agent 008, and together with Mr. Bond we’d safe the world.

  9. I would like inmortality, and be able to live forever. But that would come to a cost. What would it be like to live forever? You would probably become tired of living and watching loved ones and friends die around you. The question is. Would you want to die? After living over a 1000 years would you want to die? I dont think that humans would not be able to cope with living so long. You hear about people in there 80’s saying there tired of living. So think about living for a millions of years. So on second thought i would want to have time travel.
    Jade, age 14

  10. If I had a superpower, I would very much have Teleportation as well. I think it’s much better than the ability to fly or run at supersonic speeds, because you can just get to places within a second. I always thought super speed would be really cool though, but there are a couple of severe problems that come with it. 1. The friction would rip off your clothes when running at supersonic speeds, and 2. You would suffocate because the air would be brushing past you, and your body would be unable to collect any.
    Supersonic Flight has pretty much the same problems.

    Teleportation, as you may not be aware can also serve as a fighting power. When taking on an opponent, you can just teleport to different places around them, and attack them. Basically, you would teleport to one place around your opponent, give them a couple of punches, teleport to a different place, and attack them again, exactly like the guy from the programme, Sanctuary.

  11. Omar Greed Says:

    I would have ability mimicry I would touch people and gain their abilities

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  13. Rishabh tewari Says:

    Teleportation for me too I would love to save people

  14. i wana teleport to save people from any harm.

  15. Telekinesis, able to move things with my mind especially when I’m tired and trying to get something.

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  17. I also want to get teleportation power

  18. Super strenth are flash i want to be like that powers

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