What I’m working on…

Here is a sample of what I’m working on. It’s easier to read in word, but this is the best I can do with the WordPress editor. Stuff in Italics and parenthesis will later be translated to Mexican Spanish (if anyone speaks the mexican variant of spanish, feel free to help!) :

PAGE 1, PANEL 1: Establishing Shot: EXTERIOR OF A FANCY STEAKHOUSE NEAR THE MEXICAN BORDER IN CALIFORNIA. I’m trying to find a photo reference of La Cucaracha, in Mexico. This is in an upper-class commercial area; stores and office buildings surround the restaurant. It is near sundown.

PAGE 1, PANEL 2: INTERIOR OF RESTAURANT. This is a classy restaurant. Red velvet curtains, dim lights, waiters in tuxedos. Several well-dressed patrons eat at tabled. Among them are DEFENSOR VALEROSA and his date for the evening, SANDRA. DEFENSOR is wearing a white blazer, white dress pants, white dress shoes, a light blue shirt, and of course, his red and green luchador mask. Sandra has dark hair, dark eyes, and a pleasant smile. She is wearing a red evening dress. DV is regaling Sandra with tails of crime-fighting and danger. SANDRA is very interested.

DEFENSOR VALEROSA: “…so, of course, El Doctor Insano knew he was beaten, so he tried to activate the doomsday device.”

PAGE 1, PANEL 3: More talking. SANDRA leans in close to DV, obviously flirting.

DV: “My Compañeros in Los Justicia Siete were, of course, busy fighting Los Hombres Del Monstruo, so I did the only thing I could.”

SANDRA: “Which was?”

DV: “Throw one of the Doctor’s fiendish enanos at the controls.”

PAGE 1, PANEL 4: DV is confident He moves his hands in form a dome-shape, to suggest an explosion. SANDRA laughs.


DV: “Boom.”

PAGE 1, PANEL 5: SANDRA is recovering from her fit of laughter.

SANDRA: “You threw a midget? That is soooo wrong!”

DV: “Mi siñora, the little guy was biting my shin. Besides, I stopped the machine and saved the world. (No big deal).”

PAGE 2, PANEL 1: EXTERIOR RESTARANT. DV and SANDRA wait for the valet to bring the car (or perhaps DV gives a ticket to valet.). SANDRA clings to DV.

DV: “Well, it seems that the night is still young. Perhaps you would like to go…somewhere else?

SANDRA: “I’d love to.”

PAGE 2, PANEL 2: FROM ROOFTOP. A man hides in the shadows. We only see that he is hunched, as if he is holding something in front of him.

DV (from below): “Mi Casa? Caballero De la Estrella is there, but he has his own wing.”

SANDRA: “That sounds great. I’d like to meet him.”

PAGE 2, PANEL 3: BELOW, DV and Sandra wait for the car.

DV: “Perhaps he will cook us breakfast.”

SANDRA: “Mmmmmmm.”

PAGE 2, PANEL 4: The car is pulling around. It is a huge, 1970’s, red Cadillac. DV is looking towards it, Sandra looks towards him.

SANDRA: “I was thinking…about what you were telling me. About Doctor Insano. That was about 1973, right?”

DV: Yeah…’72, I think. (Why?)

PAGE 2, PANEL 5: FROM ROOFTOP AGAIN: Hunched man now obviously has a rifle.

SOUND FX: thip!

SANDRA: “I was just wondering why you never see things like that anymore. You know…mad scientists with armies of midgets.”

DV: “Ah. (I Don’t Know.) The world is just different, I guess. You know…darker? More cynical?”

PAGE 3, PANEL 1: DV is holding door for SANDRA, but he is touching his breast. There is a circle of blood forming where he touches.

DV: “It was a simpler time. Sure, a time of extreme dangers, but a time that was just losing its…”

PAGE 3, PANEL 2: From DV’s POV. His hands are covered in blood.

DV: “…innocence. Mi Dios! I’ve been shot!

SANDRA (Off Panel): “What?”

PAGE 3, PANEL 4: SANDRA is getting out of the car, but DV is trying to push her back in.

DV: “No, Sandra! Stay in the car! Someone’s–

PAGE 3, PANEL 5: A bullet goes through DV’s chest, leaving a small red splotch and ending his life. SANDRA, half out of the car, screams.


PAGE 4, PANEL 1 (SPLASH PANEL): A dead, bloody DEFENSOR VALEROSA lays (or lies?) in the arms of SANDRA. She shouts, crying.



(More to be written soon…)

Um…this is copyright (c) 2007 J. Robert Novak. Use only as directed.

EDIT: Continued HERE.

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