Another Autumn Day…

Because I have gone to school and have worked at a college for so long, the new year starts in September, and my seasons are Fall, Winter Break, Spring, and Summer Break. Two years ago, my Fall semester began after a long, terrible Summer “Break” that left me nearly suicidal over the state of my finances, marriage, and life in general.

Last Summer Break ended with me asking my wife for a divorce, and the Fall was a time for trying to pick up the pieces while trying to act “normal”.

That brings us to this Fall. I have a girlfriend, my finances suck but are improved from two years ago, and life is generally good. I actually feel, for the 1st Fall in 2 years, that I am a part of the world instead of just trapped in my own solipsistic misery.

So, here’s hoping the other shoe never drops!


5 Responses to “Another Autumn Day…”

  1. Life is high and lows. I’ve seen both. An optimistic outlook is hard to maintain. I wish you the best with your new year. I see mine the same way.

  2. 2 years ago my Mom died in August and I found out I was pregnant by the man I was about to divorce. Needless to say that Fall was sort of sucky. A year ago at the start of August I left my husband and so that fall was one of upheaval and disorder. Right now I’m fully engaged in dating myself, being a Mom to my beautiful girls and enjoying life. I’m with you in spirit. I’m certain that at some point my other shoe will fall and i just hope that it’s a cute one.

  3. i’m with you on every point, right down to the timeline. it’s kinda weird. so.. ditto!

  4. Chris,

    That’s because I’m actually one of your multiple personalities. You are actually writing this blog.

    I need more coffee.

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