Cedar Point

Yesterday, I took a break from YouTube watching, music criticizing, and Kucinich supporting to go to Cedar Point with the otter!

We were originally supposed to go a few weeks ago, but then I got sick with the flu. I think this was a better weekend to go anyway.

We had a great time. We started with the Power Tower, on which I was terrified and was told that I made whimpering noises as we shot up. Then, we rode Disaster Transport, which was the 1st coaster I ever rode when I went to the park in the early ’90s. I love that ride, but sadly, the park has not kept up with the preshow things like the TVs telling riders that they are going to alaska via orbital flight or the voices screaming about a malfunction during the ride itself.

Besides that, we rode my favorite ride in the park, the Mean Streak, twice. The second time was around sundown, and the otter and I sat in the front car.

The Raptor was good, but I was lightheaded afterwards. The Mantis was alright, but not as cool as the Raptor (or the Mantor, as I kept calling it for some reason).

Another cool thing was that they were having Halloweekends at the park, which meant that there were several haunted housed operating for free. Having worked at a haunted house for a couple of seasons in the ’90s, I was facinated by this.

All in all, we had a lot of fun. The lines were short (though too long on the Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, and Millenium Force to ride). The weather was a little too hot, but I didn’t mind that much.


One Response to “Cedar Point”

  1. I had a great time too. There’s no one else I’d rather ride a roller coaster with than you. Well, maybe J. 🙂
    Next year, you’ll ride Dragster!!!

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