My Biweekly Obsession

It seems that every 2 weeks or so, I become obsessed with something. It might be a movie I watched or a video game I played, or just something I saw on TV.

This weekend, on the way to Cedar Point, I heard a story on NPR about Laika, the Cosmonaut dog. I don’t know if it was the way the narrator told the story or just the idea of this dog goiing into space, but I can’t stop thinking about the poor thing.

So now, I’m obsessed with a dog who died almost 50 years ago. What the hell?

5 Responses to “My Biweekly Obsession”

  1. Lifes… a…bitch?

    no, wait, he’s a boy, huh. Oh well.

  2. Actually, I think that Laika was a girl.

  3. I’ve always been kind of sad for Laika.

  4. Have you read the comic book version?

  5. I started to read it, but I was at Borders and had to go. i plan on buying it, though.

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