Last night, I dreamt that I had to take a computer from a crowded lab of students working on mid-term papers and put it in the Writing Center. When I was unhooking the computer, I tried to unplug what looked like a modem line from the wall, and I disconnected all the computers, which made everyone lose their papers. This was particularly distressing because many students have just started using computers and have not learned to save as they work. Everyone was distraught.

When I tried to start the computers back up, I realized that everything had been erased on them except a short CGI intro featuring generic versions of the Marvel Super Heroes ™. The only hero I remember was a man wearing mirror shades and smoking a cigar, whom I recognized as a Nick Fury knock-off.


2 Responses to “Dreamtime”

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  2. i’ve had at least two dreams in my life where i was wolverine. and one where i just had the claws.


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