Today, I was helping a student with a paper he had worked on for over an hour. Someone pointed out that the printer was out of paper, so I went to fill it. On my way over to fill it, I bumped the power chord, which always has tension on it and is probably a fire hazard, and it shut down the computer of the student I was working with. He hadn’t saved his paper, and so it was gone.

What’s weird about that? Well, look at what I posted yesterday.

Strange, eh?


3 Responses to “Weird…”

  1. wow. it’s like your dream told the future!

    Guess what I wrote about today? Someone who could tell the future.

    *gives into anxiety and sucks thumb*

  2. I hope that you didn’t require your student to rewrite the paper.

  3. Unfortunately, I’m just a tutor, so I don’t have the power of academic forgiveness. I do, however, have a nearly photographic memory at times, so I was able to quote back whole paragraphs of his paper. I actually think that the parts I couldn’t remember taht he had to completely rewrite turned out better than the original.

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