Shut the Hell up, Lou Dobbs; you’re an idiot.

Welcome to the new feature at the Most High and Holy Church of jaynova. Here, we will be arguing with CNN’s Lou Dobbs, telling him to shut the Hell up, and generally calling him an idiot.


On the Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight, the esteemed Mr. Dobbs, this fine news commentator, spoke of the story of the Bush Administration demanding that a illegal immigrant on death row be retried. This was because of an international treaty the US signed to protect the rights of US citizens abroad. Basically, if someone is arrested in a country other than their own, they must be informed of their right to see a representative of their own country, to ensure that their rights are not voilated. Lou forshadowed the story before the commercial break:

Then we’ll have a showdown with the Supreme Court over a state’s right to execute a criminal illegal alien who brutally murdered two teenagers. But President Bush doesn’t like that. The compassionate conservative darling president. And what in the world is he thinking now? You won’t believe it.

Later, he said:

The U.S. Supreme Court today heard arguments over the death penalty conviction of an illegal alien from Mexico in the brutal rape and murder of two teenage girls in Texas.

The highly unusual case involves President Bush. The president now wants to stop the execution of the Mexican citizen, even though President Bush presided over more than 150 executions while he was governor of the state of Texas.

My response? SHUT THE HELL UP, LOU DOBBS; YOU’RE AN IDIOT. The US signed a treaty meant to protect not only foreigners in the US, but US citizens abroad. If you think that it’s OK for Texas to say that international law does not apply there, then I don’t want to hear anything from you the next time Iran decides to hold Americans against international law or when Singapore decides that it’s OK to cane the living shit out of some American because it’s the provincial police, and not their version of federal agents, that caught him spraypainting*.

Bush’s record of executions as governor has nothing to do with anything. Bush is not saying, “Let the guy off the hook.” All he’s saying is, “He was not informed of his rights, and under international law, he must be informed. Therefore, he must be retried.”

Thanks, Lou Dobbs. You’ve got me agreeing with Bush. I hate you. 🙂

*Note…I have no idea how Singapore works…this is just a hypothetical example.

Read the transcript of the episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight here.


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