Project update

Well, I think I’m allowed to discus that freelance project a little more. I wrote a script for a 5-6 minute cartoon for THESE GUYS.

Today, I got to see some of the storyboards and animatics by artist (and my eventually-to-be sister-in-law) Kari Fry. They looked better than I had imagined! Afterwards, I got to do some voice-over work which, even if it doesn’t get used, was a cool experience!

So, the project seems to be going well, I’m officially a professional freelance writer as well as an amature voice-over actor, and all’s well!


2 Responses to “Project update”

  1. That’s so sweet that its for a cartoon.

  2. […] got the costume together for a party thrown by the head of the company I just freelanced for. It was a nice party. I wore my GL costume, version 1; the otter wore her race number and […]

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