Sweetest Day

Yesterday was Sweetest Day, which you probably know if you are from the Great Lakes region of the US.

The otter and I had a good time. She ran in the Stomp the Grapes Half Marathon, coming in at around 2 hours 20 minutes. She was shooting for 3 hours, so I’d say she did alright!

Afterwards, we went to Einstein’s Bagels for breakfast (Her: Bagel with Cream Cheese, coffee; me: Spinach Mushroom and Swiss omelette bagel, Pumpkin Muffin, coffee). I also stopped in a video store that is going out of business and got a cheap copy of Live Forever: The Rise and Fall of Brit Pop. Score!

The otter took a nap while I rushed from store to store to put together my Green Lantern halloween costume. It looks ridiculous, but I’ve got a week before I wear the final version in Kent, Ohio, next Saturday.

I got the costume together for a party thrown by the head of the company I just freelanced for. It was a nice party. I wore my GL costume, version 1; the otter wore her race number and running outfit, along with laurals on her head and a medal and said she was supposed to be “the winner”; and my friend J.A.Y.S.O.N. went as a slightly less acerbic version of himself. My brother was there, too, as a drunken samurai, and his girlfriend was some obscure anime character.

Anyway, there you go. Race, breakfast, costume party. A fun night was had by all.


2 Responses to “Sweetest Day”

  1. Green Lantern outfit? cool, well somebody has to make all that green work, somehow. In fact I sometimes wonder if the JLA spend their free time giving GL a hard time over his colour of choice.

  2. Jason, it was nice to have you at the finish line cheering me on. Thank you for being there. 🙂

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