Medicine Head

I don’t feel good. I’ve taken Alka-Seltzer cold and flu (mainly because of the anti-histamines in it), and now I’m all medicine-heady. This really sucks because I have to focus to read the assignments students are working on.

This feeling would possibly be a favorable one, from a recreational standpoint, but it’s making my day Hell.


3 Responses to “Medicine Head”

  1. I can totally see all the students getting really confused “What? Why should I add elephants to this story?”

    Yes, I do like coffee. And Tea. I bought a 100 pack of tea because it was cheap, but I yet to figure out how to go through 100 cups of tea anytime soon. Hmmm.

  2. I drank too much coffee today because I barely slept last night and now I can’t sleep tonight because I drank too much coffee today.

  3. Coffee usually doesn’t keep me awake. Ironically, antihistamines will.

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