Shut the Hell Up, Lou Dobbs; You’re an Idiot.

I really want to like Lou Dobbs. Seriously. I mean, he uses his show, Lou Dobbs Tonight, to point out how the government constantly works against the people when business interests are a factor. I agree!

However, the fact that he thinks he is the spokesman for the working poor does not make him any less of an idiot.

Case-in-point: The Tuesday, October 23rd episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Lou Dobbs:

The United States Senate is at it again, Senator Harry Reid demonstrating why he should be leader of the Democratic Party on Capitol Hill.

The Senate today starting debate on a proposal that amounts to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. You thought this issue had been resolved? Well, not so.

The new legislation is part of the failed so-called grand compromise Immigration Reform Act. Now Democratic lawmakers are trying, once again, one bill at a time, trying to subvert the will of the people who expressed themselves about as clearly as can be expressed this past June. This time, these legislatures are calling it the DREAM Act.

And, as Lisa Sylvester reports, the DREAM Act awards citizenship to illegal aliens if they go to college or join the military.

OK…let me just go at it. “Will of the People?” Which people? Was there a vote? If there was, It would be nice to see it, just to put this into context.

And I’m not sure what his hang up is with amnesty? I do have a problem with illegal aliens comming over, undocumented, without paying taxes (and I know that some do pay taxes), but by making them citizens, we generate tax revenue. This is good, no?

You could make the case that it is wrong to allow criminals to have citizenship. This would be absolutely true if their crime was not being born on the wrong side of the border. See, in Mexico (and I’m looking for the story I heard on NPR to nack this up…if anyone can help, I’d appriciate it), the government is so corrupt that it can take years to get legal papers to leave the country unless one bribes the officials. This makes it nearly impossible for the poor to came over for an opportunity in the US (or anywhere else).

Let’s take a look at what the DREAM act entails:

Lisa Sylvester:

The bill would grant amnesty to illegal aliens up to 30 years old who entered the United States before age 16, and have lived in the country for at least five years. They would be eligible for college federal student loans and work study programs.

And if they stay in college or join the military for two years, they would be put on a path to citizenship. Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama estimates that 1.3 million young people could take advantage of the program, but calls it a backdoor amnesty for millions more.

So, this act would allow some young illegal aliens to become legal residents, and allow them to become educated contributors to society, rather than semi-literate (in English, anyway) impoverished migrant workers? Wow. Evil.

So, how is this a “backdoor amnisty” policy?


That if a person is legalized under this process, they can bring their wife and children and legalize them. They can bring their parents and brothers and sisters. So the $1.3 million, which is quite a large number, is a really low figure. It would be much more than that.

Hmmm. Well, again, this would be a problem if the family they bring over were illegal. But they wouldn’t be. They would be tax-paying residents who would become tax-paying citizens. So that $1.3 Million would be made up for by the new tax revenue.

Let’s see how Dobbs really feels about this:

This is a clear effort on the part of the Democratic leadership and that brilliant leader, Senator Harry Reid, to subvert, again, the will of the American people, to disregard the interests of the American people and American citizens, and to pander, to pander to the socio-ethnocentric interest groups in this country, corporate America. And, believe me, this battle is going to continue.

And if the American people flag in their both interest in the subject and their vigilance over the Democratic leadership in both the Senate and the House, they’re going to have their way, and the will of the majority is going to be disregarded again by what the Democratic leadership and the Senate wants to call a progressive approach. Absolutely absurd.

Shut the Hell up, Lou Dobbs; You’re an idiot, as well as a drama queen.



(I should point out that last week, I said someting about the DREAM act paying illegal immigrants for being illegal. I misunderstood the program, as the only place I had heard of it was Lou Dobbs Tonight)


14 Responses to “Shut the Hell Up, Lou Dobbs; You’re an Idiot.”

  1. yeah, I totally agree with you. I’ve always thought it odd that the process for “old” immigrants was to simply sign in some book on the way into the country, while the new immigration process takes years and thousands of dollars. Combine that with our negative growth rate and capitalism’s instance on growth and suddenly the idea of not just slamming the door shut makes sense.

  2. Immigrants as military fodder? Novel idea.

  3. do you watch the actual House Floor? because watching this crap isn’t going to help you form an educated opinion, in my opinion

    also, the Clerk of the House has a great website, where you can actually read the bills and resolutions for yourself instead of taking transcript quotes from what is probably snipped from a much longer and more explanative conversation than what you are being given with this “show”, you can even see how Members vote, not how they can all be spun

    trying to help, because in DC you got to carry more ammunition then the Lou Dobbs show, and this is where i am coming from on my point of view on this, plus i don’t see anything here to back up your post, hence the suggestion, because ultimately aren’t you doing exactly what Lou Dobbs is?

  4. Stevo-I’m glad someone else picked up on that!

    fish-Unfortunately, I don’t watch the house floor. I used to, but I lost my cable connection (I’m working on it!) I only see Lou Dobbs because the pipe CNN into the place where I work out.

    I’m glad someone actually called my on this. The stuff on taxes was entirely hypothetical on my part. However, I wish I could find the Mexican corruption report. It was on NPR several months ago, but I can’t find it on their website.

    I will actually look the DREAM act up on the internet, though. That was lazy of me. For the record, in the past, when I’ve ranted about the greatness of Dennis Kucinich, it was after I read the text of H.R. 1234 and H.R. 676.

    And I will check out the Clerk of the House site.

    But, you still have to admit…Lou Dobbs is an idiot, right?

  5. I also should have clarified…when I said, “was there a vote”, I meant, “have the American people really spoken out against illegal immigratnts/undocumented immigrants, or have some bills just been shot down?” I mean, have the american people stood as a more-or-less unified voice, or is this a close issue. I’m really asking here.

  6. One thing that strikes me as funny in this whole issue is that nobody is really concerned with the notion of legality. It doesn’t seem to ever enter the question at all.

    I only think about it because if you view the issue more abstractly by taking Mexicans and Americans out the picture, I feel it looks kind of different. On a very basic level you’re looking at the idea of ‘if something provides me a better opportunity, then its acceptable to break the law’ So since I can’t get a job in American currently and I sneak into New Zealand this is acceptable? Is this ok because I want to be a law-abiding New Zealander someday?

    I’m just curious what people think, since no one seems to really care about legality.

  7. definitely an idiot 😉

    i am quite shocked how you took my post, very strong of you

    thanks, and to be honest i don’t watch everyday. i do read the whipping post, which is a list of the House Floor’s activity for the day, and will then only tune in on things i find important

    glad you find such topics important too, i will mostly likely go back to just being a reader now, which i did read your other post some time ago, and it obviously didn’t make me want to jump out and post 🙂

    thanks again

  8. JAYSON- In a way, though, it kind of goes back to the argument of “If you are starving, is it wrong to steal bread?” Is it illegal to cross the border without documentatiion? Yes. Is it wrong? I’m not so sure. It’s not that many of them are looking for a better opportunity; it’s that they are looking for any kind of opportunity at all. I’m just saying that, instead of punishing them for being born on the wrong side of the border, if we legalize them and process them, we get tax revenue from them and help make the problem a much smaller one.

    Of course, we could always invade Mexico and annex it. That would fix the mexican immigration problem! 😛

  9. fish-Eh. You called me on some legitimate points. I wish I had cable (or any channels at all!) or the internet…I would have more time to be informed instead of cramming all this information into my head between tutoring sessions at work.

    Still, I wish someone would call Lou Dobbs on these issues in a forum where he would be forced to address them…he gets paid for what he does, and he does it on a news channel…this implies some responsibility on his part.

    I did just download the text DREAM act (S.774), so I’ll probably read it tonight.

  10. Lou Dobbs is a moron spreading hate in order to get viewers. He knows that frustrated people will always look for something or someone to blame and so he has targeted the frustrated americans and server them a plate of illegal immigrants to demonize. The danger? he’s running a show cloaked as news and influence people by its fake legitimacy. I blame CNN for keeping the hate going…I’ve turned over to Fox and MSNBC now….and yes, I say Fox because the bias there is direct…at least they’re not trying to pull the wool over anyone eyes. Lou, you’re fired!!!

  11. F&*k Fox and CNN!..oh and Lou Dobbs is an Idiot.

  12. Hell yeah! Oops…I mean, “Hi!” Welcome to the Most High and Holy! Look around and enjoy yourself!

  13. I just watched Lou Dobbs for the first time on CNN . . . . does Fox News own CNN? Where does this guy get off sliming the American public with his right wing spooge? Someone needs to stuff a potatoe in that gas bag. -h.

  14. lou dobbs is a fake ass..he now calls himself “Mr.Independant” he should call him self “i just like talking about how good iam”
    he claims to be independant but has very racist moronic views of the world….he claims himself as the spokeperson of the working poor and middle class…i wish mr dobbs whould hand me his paycheck he gets from the poor turner tv station…..and work my nightshift at a coffee shop…
    Lou dobbs as my mom used to say “if you can talk the talk you should walk the walk” shut up and run for office if you are so good, otherwise just shut the hell up….
    stand up and show us your fat behind and tell us that “independant” Lou Dobbs actually gets paid by a fat cat named Ted Turner

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