Samhain meditation.

In the Celtic year, according to legend, Samhain was a day outside of the normal year. On this day, it is said that the veil between the spirit world and our world is thin, allowing communication with the dead, as well as other forms of divination.

On a more practical note, this was also a time for the peasents and farmers to take stock of what they had: all the food supplies and all the cattle. If there was not enough food to keep the family and the livestock alive, the herd would have to be culled. Samhain, then, is a time to cast off the baggage, the things that hold you down, as well as a time to say final farewells to the dead.

There were no deaths in my life this year, thankfully. As far as baggage is concerned, I don’t see any of that, either. The only main loss this year was my divorce, which was, in many ways, a gain and not a loss.

However, though I know of none, I cast off any baggage from my marriage and divorce, and move on. I hope she does to.

Happy Halloween!

This post was edited on Dec 14, 2007. I noticed a factual error. Oops!


3 Responses to “Samhain meditation.”

  1. That was really well written. Great post.

  2. Great history lesson with a personal twist. I have some baggage, maybe it’s time to cast it away.

  3. […] distribute says about you. Bibliomom costumed her blog for the day. Jay Nova (adore him) offered a Samhain meditation. Robin provided the blogosphere with a suitable Halloween […]

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