We all shine on!

The otter and I just watched The Shining last night. Neither of us have read the book, so, based on the movie:

1) Does Jack Torrence “shine”? Is this why he is vulnerable to the “shining” of the Overlook? Is this why he drinks? Remember, Halloran says that some people don’t realize that they shine, and that his own grandmother did shine, implying heredity in…um…shininess.

2)What was the narrative purpose of showing Halloran sit around, make phone calls, get on a plane, and drive to the Overlook for his BRIEF scene with Jack? Was he the reason Wendy starts to see other inhabitants of the Overlook?

3)Was Lloyd an inhabitant of the Overlook, or was he Jack’s own “little boy who lives in my mouth,” like Danny’s Tony?

4) When was Jack’s point of no return? Was it when he takes the “drink” from Lloyd? Or was it on the way to the Overlook? Before then, even?

5) Was Jack a reincarnation of a previous caretaker, or did he get absorbed by the Overlook?

Come on…discuss!


7 Responses to “We all shine on!”

  1. I’ve never actually seen it.

    I just dropped by for some candy. Trick or Treat!

  2. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am deathly afraid of Jack Nicholson. My terror of him was not caused by The Shining, however, but by Batman. So, when I was at a party in high school and they were about to put The Shining on, I put my coat on and prepared to leave. A friend finally convinced me to say, telling me that it was important to “face my fears.”


    And no, I didn’t answer a single one of your questions. 🙂

  3. No, I’m not answering questions either. I’m just here to admire your colour scheme.

    Oh, and I think Jack Nicholson is kind of attractive, in a weird (very weird) way.

  4. Ok, I will answer the 1st question, but only because I’m a nice girlfriend. I had only thought Jack was crazy, until you pointed out to me that he may “shine” as well. Oddly then, his son appears to cope much better with his psychic ability. Then again, who knows…Danny may have resorted to drinking and axe wielding once he got older.

  5. I LOVE this movie! I’ve seen it a done of times and Kubrick was truly an amazing filmaker.

    I’ve always felt that Jack was weakened due to his drinking. That it wasn’t that he was able to Shine as much as he wasn’t able to maintain reality.

    I think that Jack was absorbed by the Outlook and the energies there. I remember listening to Stephen King talk about writing this novel. I just can’t remember what he said.

  6. dozen times not done times

  7. Here are my theories:

    1) Jack does “Shine.” This is why he can see things that actually pertain to events that happened at the Overlook, jsut like his son can. This may or not have led him to drink…Danny sees some disturbing images, and if you did that your whole life and could’t control it (or understand it), you might turn to drink to shut it off.

    2)I don’t know. I guess Halloran migh tbe showing Wendy what’s going on, but someone just pointed out that Wendy sees the dog-man before Halloran enters the Overlook.

    3) Dunno. Jack seems awfully familiar with Lloyd, but he also seems to know some of the other inhabitants of the Overlook. Still, my theory is that Jack has always known Lloyd.

    4) I think that the drink was his symbolic point of no return. After that, he is no longer in control; the Overlook is.

    5) He was absorbed. Because it’s scarrier. On a related note, the end of the film The Black Hole” disturbed me as a kid because I assumed that the Dr. Reinhardt had merged with Maximillian.

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