In dreams…

I’ve been sick over the last few weeks (EVERYTHING is going around right now), so I’ve been sleeping with a slight fever. this always enhanses my dreams, though I rarely remember them. However, last night I had a few that I do remember. Here’s one of them:

I formed a band. There were 5 of us, including the guys from The High Strung and some guy I don’t know. We were setting up a studio in this huge house where I was staying, but we needed some mixing software, as well as a decent computer to run this software.

Voila! I find a brand-new iBook outside, in the rain. The rain hasn’t hurt it, and it is pre-loaded with the software I need. The rest of the band just wants to use it, but I’m not so sure. I mean, this computer HAS to belong to someone, right?

We decide to begin recording anyway. We get our instruments and begin to warm up, when suddenly, some large, sickly looking, naked asian men covered in filth wander into the studio. They have escaped from a local asylum. The owners of the house taking them to the showers to spray them off and get them fed and dressed. While this is going on the band falls apart. They can’t work under these conditions.

After the asian men leave, I determine that the girl who lives at the house with her parents own the computer. She didn’t want it, so she left it outside. Knowing that I can use it, she hands it over to me. I call the High Strung, as well as a few other people, and tell them i’m getting the band back together. They agree.

I wake up.


4 Responses to “In dreams…”

  1. You could see this the archetypal rise and fall rock and roll dream. You get together, have the gear, and are broken apart by some outside force (naked Asian men representing drugs, too much fame, or male Yokos). You’re given back the gift (the computer) and cycle begins again.

    Of course, you could have consumed too much NyQuil before retiring.

  2. I did watch a documentary of The Who last night…that’s probably where it came from!

  3. Free stuff with no conditions, thats how you know its a dream!

  4. Memo to your subconscious: More zombies, less circular so and so.

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