Trivializing Kucinich

Here’s an example of how the media is trying to trivialize Kucinich. Watch how gracefully he responds.


7 Responses to “Trivializing Kucinich”

  1. He is a socialist idiot, but I could soooo give his wife a wet one!

  2. Yes, but he doesn’t know how to pronounce Ahmadinejad. 😉

  3. OK, here’s an article you’ll like, about how we all secretly love Dennis:

  4. We need these two wonderful people to lead America back to being the country we once were. What a privilege it will be for the US.

  5. A Kucinich First Family will put YOUR Family First. Strength through PEACE – whatta concept – been there, tried the alternative.
    Works Green Administration.
    Non-prof, all-inclusive, TRUE universal healthcare.
    Troops HOME & ALIVE – immediately – versus the pontification of a possible date to begin w/drawal!
    The Global Warring and Global Warming connection.
    Equitable privileges for GLBT individuals and couples.
    Pathways to citizenship and safe borders.
    EDUCATION – Restoration of our infrastructure – domestic issues over funding illegal occupations.
    Dennis is ready to serve the American Ppl, True Majority. . are you ready to serve Repugz & Repugz-lite their walking papers, restore the constitution, and return America to the status of a nation to lead, to exemplify, to admire?!
    Vote Kucinich! It’s the right thing to do, if there ever was. . .

  6. Was that spam, or a real person? Whatever…it’s appropriate to the conversation, so I’ll leave it up.

  7. Wow, his wife gives me hope. Goofy looking guys everywhere should be greatly heartened by this.

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