More dreams…

Meanwhile, in dreamland…

I was watching Big Chuck and Li’l John last night in my dream. They were showing a Batman movie, starring Adam West, about the citizens of Gotham disappearing in a cloud of smoke. in this movie, when the people miraculously come back, the return standing horizontally on a blank billboard. The way the hundreds of people stand forms the word “Gotham.” Anyway, upon return, some people stare down at the billboard at their feet, which they are stuck to like insects; others run in panic.

Now, I’m in Gotham. The people are panicking, and ladybugs swarm all over the place. I note that the ladybugs also disappeared with the citizens.

Next, I go home, but realize I have to be at a concert. I want to look cool, so I put on my black sunglasses and leather jacket (neither of which I own in Real Life ™ ), but can’t find hair gel.

The alarm wakes me.


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