Someone Set Up Us The Bomb.

Well, I got off work early today, which is cool. It was because of a bomb threat, which isn’t cool.

Instead of standing outside after the evacuation, waiting to not get in, my co-worker suggested we migrate next store to Kent State University, Stark Campus, where we graduated. It was weird revisiting the place…it’s changed so much.

Anyway, nothing exploded, and I’ll be back tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Someone Set Up Us The Bomb.”

  1. When I was a senior in high school, there was a bomb threat in the middle of my AP Literature test. They had to shepherd my class three blocks away to wait in a church for them to clear the premises. We weren’t allowed to speak to one another because we might share ideas for the test. Finally we got to go back and finish the exam. Everybody else got to leave for the day and didn’t have to come back.

  2. Days off are good. Bomb threats are scary.

    I haven’t revisited my uni, that’s a scary prospect.

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