My Cleveland Adventure

Last night, the otter and I went to Cleveland to see The Ne’er Do Evers. It was an adventure!

Firts, as we got out of the car, a man who looked to be homeless, but who was coming out of his apartment building yelled something like, “Hey! They want the immigrants to go home! Do you hear them!?! Do you have spare change? Ai! Ai! Cthulhu F’tagn Ryleh! Ai! Ai! Go Home! They do not Want YOU, AND YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD! GO BACK! TO! EUROPE!”

The otter and I decided instead to continue towards the bar.

The bar was pretty rock n’ roll. By that, I mean that there was no lighting, the band that was supposed to play at 9 decided to leave and come back at 10:30, and there was more writing than wall in the bathrooms. The otter was intimidated and a little frustrated by the lateness of the band, but I told her that “You can’t time Rock! You can’t put rock on the clock! You can rock around the clock, but not on the clock. That’s not rock.” Thankfully, Chris Buckridge and the Ne’er Do Evers showed up.

After catching up with him, we went to the stage and watched the 1st band, the Church of the Red Museum. They have a cool name, which I think is an X-Files reference. They had an interesting sound (click on their name for their Myspace page), but it sounded like static in such a small room.

Next came N.D.E. They, of course, rocked. Nice stage banter, good energy, even if there were, maybe, 10 people listening to them. I’ll talk more about their music after I listen to their albums a few more times, but it was worth the trip.

All in all, I had fun and got drunk, and am looking forward to the next time teh Ne’er Do Evers come around.

EDIT: the otter has accused me of slander! 🙂 She says that she was not intimidated, and though she was a little put off by the clenliness (or lack of) of the venue.


3 Responses to “My Cleveland Adventure”

  1. Your first time is always an adventure. The next 999 will make it matter of course.

  2. You forgot to mention that I heard my new favorite song there!

  3. Sounds like an adventure, indeed!
    I know what you mean about everything being so late… and I hear what you are saying about not rushing rock… But I’m Old.
    I want shows that start at 8pm so I can be in bed my 11pm.
    I’m really glad you guys came out, it was super nice to meet you!
    Come visit Brooklyn, some time!

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