Time Travel

I’m stealing an idea from Amuirin, who stole it from someone who stole it from someone.

Anyway, what I’m going to do is set the Wayback Machine backwards in 5 year increments, so you can see what kind of twit I was growing up!

2002-age 25
I got married in August, and though it was a great wedding, in hindsight, the signs that it was doomed were there. The soon-to-be-wife and I fought a lot, especially as the wedding approached.

Two years before that, my best friend and I got into a HUGE fight that was still affecting my life with feelings of guilt and uncertainty. I’ve come to terms with that time now, but I was still was still a wreck in 2002.

Let’s see…2002, I was living in an apartment with the gf/wife. We watched a lot of TV, and spent too much time in altered states of conciousness. We also ate way too much pizza.

1997-age 20. I was recently kicked out of my parents’ house for cussing my mother out (to this day, I swear that it was justified!). I stayed at the aforementioned best friend’s house for a while; then, I moved to my girlfriend’s mother’s house. I spent too much money on comic books that year, if I recall.

This was also the year I really started reading books on religions other than Christianity. As a consequense of this spiritual journey, I began dabbling in magick, and I started weaning myself off of meat. I never looked back.

1992-age 15 I was just starting high school this year, which was much better than junior high. Nobody wanted to beat me up in high school, and my behavior that was concidered weird in junior high was now concidered “alternative.” I began listening to “alternative” music, as well, and shunned top 40 radio forever. I also began to grow my hair long.

I played a lot of video games in 1992. Nintendo was my God.

1987-age 10. I think this was when my friends and I started out Max Headroom fan club. We played a lot of Nintendo, but our big thing was G.I. Joe. Looking back, I think that this was the root of my writing ability: creating stories with these figures. My friends and I would take the time to ensure that there was some form of narrative. I remember one game of G.I. Joe we played in my attic that lasted a month and took a day and a half to prepare for. I think that this was around the time I could see the ghosts that haunted my parents’ basement.

1982-age 5. Hmmm….lots of Atari 2600. Video games have always played a big part in my life.

I started going to kindergarten, I think, but I cried a lot. I was an overly sensative child, and didn’t deal with the stress of being left somewhere everyday. I met my friend Shane Davis, who would later betray me and join the gangs that liked beating me up. He would also go on to use a lot of drugs, clean himself up, then die of cancer.

Let’s see…vague images of sticker books and Star Wars figures.

1977-Age 0. I was born 2 weeks before Star Wars came out, a fact that I feel is cosmically significant. I don’t remember anything about this year, but I’ve been told that I cried a lot, and I learned to talk early. My first word was “gimmie.”

So, let’s keep this ball rollling….someone else better do this, too!


6 Responses to “Time Travel”

  1. Your 2002 caught me. I just watched ‘Serendipity’ with my hottie last night, and it’s weird how the logical mind will dismiss certain signs when its headed on the course, but they’re there. We notice them. Even people who dismiss it all as superstitious nonsense, I think they get those same little messages. Usually the universe let’s us be captains of our own destinies, but the signs talk at you whether you wanna listen or not.

  2. Okay, i’ll keep with the 5 yr increments…

    2002, age 24: Post 9/11 depression. The band i was in (sunschool) went to Georgia then broke up. listened to a lot of Joy Division. Saw some amazing shows that changed my life (Walkmen, Mink Lungs, Calla, Liars, Natural History, lots of others.) Decided to kill myself, then didn’t. started dating a women i would eventually marry and subsequently divorce. Moved in with said woman and her two dogs. started seriously recording my own songs and formed my band, the Ne’er Do Evers.

    1997, age 19: wrote bad poetry which i took very seriously. dropped acid the first time. graduated high school, had a summer girlfriend, which is to say by sep we had broken up. after that, i started college in Akron. met a girl i fell MADLY in love with in Columbus. She turned me on to Leonard Cohen, need i say more? i spent the night with her, that’s as far as it went. Broken hearted, i quit school that winter, dated a crazy mom, drank a LOT, and started working at a plastics factory. made plans to move to LA and live on the streets.. ended up in Cleveland instead the next year.

    1992, age 14: graduate from fat kid douchebag to cool dude in junior high as a result of a bass solo in jazz band and the appearance of “alternative.” i was already wearing flannels and converse and growing my hair out, so i guess i was a shoe-in. had my first kiss and first dance. also, first girlfriend (not the same person.) may have lost my virginity that year (or maybe the year after? anyways, i moved quick..) met my friend Nathan, who i don’t communicate with any more, but completely shaped who i am today. Heard the Pixies through him. Heard punk rock for the first time. got drunk for the first time (40 of St Ides.) Joined a band for the first time. Started exhibiting self destructive, impulsive, and angry behavior. All in all, really enjoyed myself.

    1987, age 9: really don’t remember anything here. i was really into star trek, i think. and the Monkees. Didn’t have any friends i could relate to, didn’t have like a “best friend” or anything.

    1982, age 4: uuuuuh. I liked stuffed animals. i liked star wars, a LOT. i was still living in Hartville. was really into MTV.

    1077, age -1: nuthin.

  3. Novak, why don’t you write my history for me? Then I can tell you whether or not you got it correct. I’m too tired to write anything. Plus, my past might be more exciting as told by you.

  4. Doing this has made me realize that my best times are not in 5 year increments.

    2002: Age 25. The big transition year. Finished my second run at college with my design degree and thought soon I’d have a good job and would be on the road to some kind of meaningful adulthood. Went from going to tons of shows in Cleveland to working 4-midnight making tithing envelopes in Boardman. Began drifting away from art school friends. My decline begins here. On a positive note, this is the year I discovered Kool Keith and the year I started listening to more alt-country and blues.

    1997: Age 20. Going Mt. Union college, living by myself. In year 2 of 3 year crush on girl I never went out with. Still ridden with residual teen angst and unhappy but actually beginning to enter my ‘good times’ final phase of college. Wondering what the hell I’m going to do with a fine art degree, thinking about getting a design degree after college. Hung out with people I wouldn’t speak to at all in 1998. Stopped drawing for myself, stopped flying. Still kinda into UFOs

    1992: Age 15. High school. This is the year I developed my first crush. Expressed my affections in a variety of creepy and misguided fashions. Went to Canada on school trip. Started flying lessons. Started skiing. Really into comic books and The Beatles, and books about UFOs

    1987: Age 10. Really into comics. Life ruined when heroes actually died at the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Drew tons of superheroes with small heads. Parents get me boombox, Beach Boys tape and book about UFOs. Won state championship in science fair, fooling everyone including self into thinking there was a future in science.

    1982: Age 5: Was the smart kid supposedly doing smart kid stuff. Setting up parents, self for the greater disappointments to come, little did we know.

  5. Jayson-I feel like I know you better now! Weird.

    I always wondered about your claim of knowing how to fly an aeroplane on your myspace page. Can you really hypnotize a chicken then?

  6. Um, where’s my history? I’m waiting. 🙂

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