Mixtapology 201

Welcome, class, to your second semester of mixtapology. I’m your professor, Dr. Jay “Jazzbo” Nova.

Today’s text is the 1st mixtape I made for the otter. The songlisting, besides the bookends, reflects the progress of our relationship:

Such Great Heights-The Postal Service
We’re Going to be Friends-The White Stripes
Is It Wicked Not to Care?-Belle and Sebastian
Wrapped up in Books-Belle and Sebastian
Sorry or Please-Kings of Convenience
true Love Waits-Radiohead
The Ship Song-Nick Cave
Glass Hotel-Robyn Hitchcock
More Adventurous-Rilo Kiley
Beautiful Girl-Robyn Hitchcock
Moon River-Nan Vernon
Two of Us-Aimee Mann and Michael Penn
Such Great Heights-Iron & Wine

3 Responses to “Mixtapology 201”

  1. I’m sure more adventurous made it’s way onto one of the courting mixes I made for chris… And I put that white stripes song on the mix I made for my best friend but never gave him.

  2. This is my favorite mix tape, Jazzbo.

  3. […] Here’s a previous tape. (The one I’m most proud of!) Here’s another. This one’s from a race I ran in. […]

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