Kucinich wins an award?

Well, he won the Buzzflash Wings of Justice Award, anyway. He got it for pissing both parties off by trying to bring impeachment charges against Dick Cheney.

Read about it here.


2 Responses to “Kucinich wins an award?”

  1. I really really believe there is enough popular support for Kucinich that he could be a primary contender. Over and over I hear people express an almost hidden preference for him. But they don’t think he has a chance. What’s weird is so many people feel that way, if they thought he had a chance, I’m sure he really would.

    I still have reservations though. Can a good man be an effective president? You can’t hold out for what you think is right without bringing things to a creaking halt in some scenarios. He pretty much fucked up Ohio, and he’s shown that he puts his own beliefs before the good of the party. I don’t mind because most of those politicians are assholes, but I wonder if he would put his idea of how things should be done ahead of what’s good for the country.

    You hafta be willing to compromise to some extent in order to be effective as a president. It’s a hard, hard job full of hard decisions that aren’t necessarily black and white. I’m not sure if Kucinich could handle that. He’s proven he has the strength to stick to his beliefs but that doesn’t necessarily make someone a good leader.

    In fact, it could make someone a disastrous leader. The head of the free world has to be able to consider alternatives and sometimes accept less than what seems right in order to keep things running nationally and internationally.

    I just don’t know.

  2. Amuirin, what you said about people loving Kucinich but not thinking he had a chance; that’s how I felt about Ralph Nader when he was running. Let’s face it. For most of us good liberals, Nader is pretty much the embodiment of everything we believed in. And there are more of us good liberals than we’d like to let on. What if everybody who really liked him had actually voted for him? No, he probably wouldn’t have won, but the Green party might have gotten federal funding. And the Democrats didn’t win anyway.

    Personally, I don’t think Kucinich has a chance because nobody’s going to vote for him. I’m going to. But most people are too scared to. We’re all in the habit of voting against people rather than for people, if you know what I mean. Two things need to change in our political system in order for anything to really change: 1) runoff elections; and 2) get rid of the friggin’ electoral college. I’m not too hopeful about either of those. I’m not too hopeful about the future of our country. I think that we’ll probably have a Democratic president next time around, and I think s/he will be an improvement over Bush, but I don’t think any of the leading candidates will bring about any of the *real* changes that our country–and the world–so desperately needs.

    That was incredibly long. I almost feel like c&p’ing it into a new post, but I’m too lazy.

    J, how come I always comment on your posts and you *never* comment on mine??

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