I haven’t vanished…

…I just have no convenient inturwebs!

As you may know, I have no internet connection at home, relying on my mother’s internet and time at work to post. Well, work has gotten so busy that there is no time to post, and my mother’s computer is dead. Because of this, I’ll be on when I can, but you’ll see less of me this week.

I’m not quitting the blog or anything, so nobody panic. *Looks around, sees that, indeed, no one is panicking.*


3 Responses to “I haven’t vanished…”

  1. hmm, were you gone? J/K… I have those days/weeks myself.

  2. Damn. Hope to see you around the ‘tubes soon.

  3. We could picket for you.

    ….I’m not sure who we’d picket though. The ones keeping you so busy at work?

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