Writing Update

Well, I never did finish that comic book scene that I was working on. I should get it done once work slows down at the college.

Meanwhile, I got another freelance job. I’m writing another cartoon for My Very Own Adventure. Nothing’s commited to paper, but I should have that done in the next couple of days.

Also, I’ve seen a rough animatic of the cartoon I already wrote. It looks great! I’ve also got some of the production are to show you, from the portugese animation studio Bang! Bang! Animation:

This is Mike (MEE-kay), Pai Meow, and Meowamoto Sensai:

Here is Mike in various poses:

And here’s a background, with Mike in the foreground:

My blog format is cutting the edges off…the first one was drawn by “Denise”, not “Den”.


2 Responses to “Writing Update”

  1. That is too cool, seeing your ideas take on a visual form. Is the based in China or Japan? I couldn’t tell by the names.

  2. It’s supposed to be Japanese, though Pai Meow is obviously Chinese. He’s a traveling mercenary? 🙂

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