Cover Songs-Radiohead Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. For those who are unfamiliar with my blog, sometimes I’ll search Youtube for covers of songs I like. Some of the covers are professionally released ones, and some are just from Youtube users. Part of my point is that the internet has the potential to make everyone a celebrity, and when everyone is a celebrity, no one is.

OK…here we go!

Just-Mark Ronson feat. Alex Greenwald.

Nice cover. Keeps the british style vocals, but changes the sound to an urban, hip-hop style. The video’s awesome, too. The original is here.


I hate this band. Really. It’s probably partially because it’s my ex-wife’s favorite band, but it’s mostly because they suck ass. However, their MTV Unplugged performance of “Creep” is alright, if uninspired. I find it ironic that a band that likes to pretend to flaunt the rules and the system (see “Y’all want a single”) are singing the radio edit version of the song. Original here.

Karma Police-thebrooke

This one’s by a semi-pro user (she has an album coming out). This is a pretty awesome cover. She plays down the harshness of the original and turns up the ethereal, dream-like quality. The audio is a little wonky, but still, very enjoyable. Check out her other videos. Click here for the Radiohead video.

Like Spinning Plates-melissa3110

Another good user cover. The audio on her voice isn’t good, but you can tell that she sings well. The piano sounds pretty much like Thom York himself. I wish I could play the piano…
Original here, and live version w/ piano here.

Obadiah Parker-Idioteque

Wow. They make it sound like a completely different song without really changing anything. This is one of my favortie radiohead songs, and it’s nice to see someone trying it with an acoustic guitar. Album version here.

No Surprises-Iron & Wine

Nice acoustic cover of the Radiohead song. Not as good as his cover of the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights.” Here’s Radiohead’s version.

No Surprises-Ysabellabrave

Great vocal cover (over a karaoke track?), with a visually stunning video. Iin the description, she says that it is a disturbing performance. I dunno. Disturbing would be if she sang it while eating her own entrails or something…maybe unsettling is what whe was looking for?


Levi Weaver-Idioteque

Just watch it. Trust me.

Radiohead-Nobody Does it Better

Radiohead covering Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does it Better,” one of the best James Bond themesongs EVER.


One Response to “Cover Songs-Radiohead Edition”

  1. My cantankerousness meter is full and blinking. Realize that I’m smiling as I type this and it in no way diminishes my manly affection for you.

    I hate Radiohead.

    I’ve always felt I must be really dumb because I have never ever gotten the appeal of that band. I actually kind of dug them back when they were a rock band. Here I admit that I liked them on a totally dilettante level. I thought Creep was pretty good (although I thought Urge Overkill’s Sister Havana, which played right after it was way better.) I bought Ok Computer on the strength of the singles. Guitar solos are cool. What really ended up razzing me was the ‘new direction’ of Kid A and Amnesiac and the resultant trouser dropping of everyone in the music press. This is my review of these albums in a nutshell: Sad English music recorded while someone was playing Aphex Twin’s “Selected Ambient Volume 2” in the background. I guess this bummed me because I’d been aware of electronic music since 96 and the idea of Radiohead doing something amazingly creative didn’t wash with me. (Same thing with Wilco’ abandoning the alt country and churning out a critically acclaimed and totally mediocre rock album in Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) I wanted to kick someone in the head…

    Ok, better now. That girl’s version of Karma Police was pretty good.

    Here are some good videos:

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