Well, this last week has been completely insane at work. On our busiest days at the Writing Center (or writing lab, as some seem to call it), we see between 50-60 students, and that barely gives us time to breathe. This week, on Monday we saw 86, Tuesday-79, Wednesday-69, Thursday was somewhere around there, too, and friday, while we weren’t that busy, every student requested me. Given that the week before that was almost as busy, I am completely fried. I haven’t picked up a book in 2 weeks, I haven’t written anything…I’m just burned out.

Where I work out, they posted a sign with ways to keep stress down, and while I was running, I read it. Half-way through, I almost had a panic attack at the sight of words. It wasn’t anything about the words themselves; it was the fact that my mind just couldn’t handle the input of any more information.

I think I feel a rant coming on.


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