Props for Kucinich (kind of)

Ok, so last night, the otter and I went to Perkins to get some food and some coffee. I was reading Cleveland Scene magazine, and this article pissed me off. I don’t care if you hate on Kucinich, but if you do so, at least back up what you say with facts.

Anyway, I was ranting about how the article claims that Kucinich has turned himself fro a racist curmudgeon to a media darling (when? When they were making fun of the whole UFO thing, or when they were completely ignoring him?) when another patron walked up to us.

“Are you two interested in politics? I couldn’t help but overhear you,” he said.

The otter replied, “Well, he’s interested in Dennis Kucinich.”

The man smiled. “Well, I’ve worked with Dennis. I’m Scott Oelslager , Ohio house representative. I’ve probably represented you for most of your life. How old are you?”

I told him I was 30, which got the usual look of surprise. Then, he said (and I’m condensing this without changing the spirit):

“The media tries to paint him to look like an idiot. You can disagree with his politics, and I’m a republican, so I do, but that man is extremely inteligent. He’s no idiot.”

So there you go. A Republican politician who knows Kucinich (on a first name basis) and won’t call him an idiot.

(He also said that he’s not sure why Kucinich is still running, as there’s no chance he’ll win, but that’s an analysis of facts and not a personal knock, so it’s cool with me.)


3 Responses to “Props for Kucinich (kind of)”

  1. We run into the most interesting people on our little outings, don’t we? 🙂

  2. yesterday, drove down to the beach for a walk, and in the little beach parking lot was a car absolutely pasted with kucinich stickers. You could hardly see the car. They were inside the window, too. I’ve never seen such an enthusiastic endorsement for -any- presidential candidate, ever.

  3. hey, i met scott o when i was in the 6th grade on a class trip to columbus! damn, forgot all about that dude.
    perkins in BV??

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