The War Against Solstice!

Attention everyone:

Our culture is waging a war against Solstice!

I have a friend, a great guy, who is Catholic. Becuase of his religious convictions, he is upset that we wish each other “Happy Holidays!” when, in his words, we really mean “Christmas.” He also gets upset when non-christians celebrate Christmas because it is, well, the mass of Christ.

I tried to point out that a) Actually, Christmas was somewhere else on the calender (January, maybe?) and was moved to coinicide with Solstice; therefore, Christians and most other Westerners are celebrating the wrong holiday, and b) we celebrate Christmas because traditionally, that’s when everyone gets off work. We don’t get the other religions’ holidays off; just Christmas. So, as I told him, if Christians like himself want the rest of us to lay off their holiday, they need to release the stranglehold they have on Western culture.

Because of this conversation, and to respect my friend’s wishes, I am not wishing anyone a merry Christmas. It’s not my holiday. Instead, I’ll take up the fight to save solstice, an occurance that can be scientifically observed.

Remember: Axial tilt is the reason for the season!

Picture Stolen from The Slumbering Lungfish. Go there. Buy something.


8 Responses to “The War Against Solstice!”

  1. Mmm, so thats why the catholics next door didn’t take too well to my ‘Happy Insert-Name-of-Holiday-Here Card’

    I always wondered where I went wrong…

  2. Oh, those crazy Catholics, past and present. I’d like a deviant group to start promoting a new December holiday in an effort to get the Vatican to move Christmas and Easter back to their original dates.

    Honesty, and more paid holidays: Rome might garner some respect from me.

  3. Goofy but great. You made me laugh.

  4. Solstice is my favorite holiday….mostly because it usually falls on my birthday (Dec 21st). Sure Jason, you say it’s all about axial tilt, but you know it’s your favorite day of the year because I was born on that day. 🙂

  5. And here I was, getting all excited thinking you’d put up the logo for the Terran Empire. See?
    I need to get out more.

  6. Actually, “Happy Holidays” ticks me off because it is one of those “we will feel offended for you” situations. Someone became concerned that people who don’t celebrate Christmas might get offended if we wished them a Merry Christmas. Because, you know, whenever someone wishes me a Happy Hanukkah I have to go see my therapist again. And when I am in Hallmark buying Christmas cards the clerk at the counter has to assume that I’m doing so for some ironic reason and so must wish me a “Happy Holidays” as per company policy.

    It enrages me that I have been trained to feel like I can’t say Merry Christmas. So I say it all the time. I don’t care if you are Jewish, Atheist, Catholic or just an Anarchist. Merry Fucking Christmas, and cram your Happy Holidays up your butt.

  7. You’re a good friend!

  8. Love the true reason for the season. I’ll join your cause in a heartbeat. As a non-Christian it doesn’t bother me when people wish me a Merry Christas – I get the sentiment. I prefer Happy Holidays because it is much more inclusive, but they, old habits die hard. And yes, I wish my friends and colleagues that I know celebrate Xmas “Merry Christmas”, but when I don’t know what the hell people celebrate, I opt for the more inclusive Happy Holidays. But, for either side to get all high and mighty about it? Oh lordy people, lighten up (because after all bringing light into the darkness is the true meaning of most of these damn holidays anyway).

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