As Above, So Below.

I thought that this was cool. It’s a drawing of the Kaballah Tree of Life, made to look like a London tube map.

Tube Sepiroth

Apparently, it was originally published in the comic book Promethea, by Alan Moore, but I found it on Strange Maps.

I’ve read a couple of books on the Kaballah, but I could never get into them. Hebrew mysticism is too much like math.


2 Responses to “As Above, So Below.”

  1. You’re supposed to be over 40 and well versed in the Torah anyway.

  2. Well, according to Jewish tradition you are. Western Hermetic practice has a history of trying to apply Kabbalah concepts to their own magick dating back to the middle ages at least. But, hey, when you are trying to summon demons from the Lesser Key of Solomon, what do you care what Rabbis have to say?

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