Jaynova Learns to Play Guitar in front of a Real Internet Audience!

Ok…here’s something I’m going to try to do on a weekly (or at least bi-weekly) basis…

jaynova-Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (Leonard Cohen cover).

My voice gets weird in the first verse, but I was impatient, so I went with it.

My new toys are cool!


5 Responses to “Jaynova Learns to Play Guitar in front of a Real Internet Audience!”

  1. You sounded a lot better than the guy who wrote the song! Good job, can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Sweet vid Jay, as for the song I’m not familiar with the original so I won’t compare suffice to say you just got it going on there bud.

  3. Wow.

    I know men don’t like to hear this, so I’m directing this comment to the otter.

    aww…. that’s adorable. It’s so cute when he talks about you.

  4. Nice! You’ve gotten really good, in fact you’ve surpassed me for sure! A jam session is a must.

  5. Amuirin,
    It is cute, isn’t it? Jason isn’t such a bad guy, I suppose.
    Don’t feed his ego too much though! 🙂

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